Our Experience in Wind-Down Management Reduces Your Risk

After the decision is made to wind down an entity, management and investors often want to focus their energies in areas outside the company.

But the company’s investors, board of directors and management face certain ongoing considerations: fiduciary issues, residual liabilities, federal and state requirements, possible irate stockholders and unhappy employees. While necessary and required, the time and risk associated with this activity is hard to quantify.

This is where Vaughn Associates can help. We offer a comprehensive program to manage the winding-down of a business.

We Provide

  • Financial control at a very critical time
  • Professional, sensitive and timely handling of required tasks
  • Knowledge and experience in the proper steps to liquidate assets and terminate leases, contracts and benefit plans
  • Filing of necessary state and federal forms for withdrawal and dissolution, including final tax returns
  • Determination of disposition/storage requirements of corporate records

Benefits of Engaging Vaughn vs. In-house Personnel

  • We reduce the investor risk, residual liability and time commitment involved in a wind-down situation. We know the most expeditious means of accomplishing therequired tasks.
  • We are more cost effective. Our initial stepis to assess the needs and establish a budget for the shut down, giving investors/owners specific cost param-eters.
  • We remove this unproductive task for existing personnel and investors. We bring objectivity to the process; we are not emotionally colored by prior events.
  • We eliminate the risks inherent in using existing personnel who may extend the project timetable and/or leave your company during the process.

Our Credentials

  • Over 20 years of wind-down experience
  • We are former CFOs and Controllers with experience in many industries. We canquickly assess needs and related costs.
  • Our core professional service is operational management and accounting for early stage and middle market companies on an interim and/or part-time basis. Wecontinuously meet the challenge of providing cost-effective services, with theappropriate level and skill set of personnel, to accomplish operational tasks.